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County mourns passing of longtime community leader

Tuesday, January 03, 2017 - Updated: 1:13 PM

By Venita Fritz


General Manager


  People across Marshall County are mourning the loss of longtime Calvert City Councilman Tim Hawkins. (See obit A5). A memorial service was held for Hawkins on New Year’s Eve, after he passed away on Dec. 24 at Lourdes Hospital in Paducah.  Hawkins had served on the council since 1986 and last Nov. was re-elected to serve a another term.  

  Left paralyzed and restricted to a wheelchair by injuries sustained during a robbery at a Holiday Inn in Henderson where he worked in 1983, close friends and associates say Hawkins never allowed his physical limitations to define him.

  Calvert City Mayor Lynn Jones remembered Hawkins as someone who “loved to be included and loved people.” 

  “Tim had a heart that wanted Calvert City to be all it could be. I always knew he would take in all the information on whatever the issue was and do what was best for the city.  He didn’t rubber stamp things even if that meant going against what everyone else was doing,” said Jones.

  Calvert City Councilman Gene Colburn said Hawkins brought a unique perspective to issues on the council.  “He always wanted to make sure the children of Calvert City had free and equal access to the parks and playgrounds,” said Colburn.  “He was interested in fostering growth to make certain Calvert City was as good as it could be. He loved Calvert City.”

  On several occasions during hospitalizations, Hawkins attended council meetings remotely from his hospital bed via Skype.  Jones said he was the first to do so at a Calvert City Council meeting and to his knowledge may have been the first to do so in Kentucky.

  Jones said the council will meet in the near future to appoint Hawkins’ replacement.  They have 30 days to do so.

  Marshall County Commissioner Rick Cocke, who previously worked alongside Hawkins as a Calvert City councilman, said “Tim was someone who loved his city. After serving 26 years with him as a councilman, I can tell you he considered Calvert City his extended family. You don’t do something that long if you don’t love it.”

  Also remembering Hawkins for his dedication to Marshall County athletics are members of the Krazy Ladies, a group of Marshall County sports supporters.  The Krazy Ladies named Hawkins an honorary member of their group several years ago. He had also served as the president of the Backboard Club beginning in the 1990s for several years.

  Bonnie Rose, spokesperson for the Krazy Ladies said Hawkins was “an extraordinary person.” 

  “Never once did I ever hear him complain about his condition. He was always trying to build others up instead,” said Rose. “During the time following the death of my own son, he was a great inspiration and source of encouragement for me.  He was my Rock of Gibraltar.”

  Rose said she will always remember when the Krazy Ladies attended a regional basketball tournament dressed in inmate costumes borrowed from the jail.  “He (Hawkins) was dressed as a sheriff and we were handcuffed together following him as prisoners of the Lady Marshals. He loved Marshall County sports. He was at all of the ballgames. That was his life,” she recalled.

  Hawkins had also served as a member of the Marshall County Democratic Party and as a board member on the Jackson Purchase Energy Cooperative.  

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